Buz Busby
Robert "Buz" Busby

Painting is a love and a therapy. I sign my canvases with "Buz", fitting for a dentist/artist named Busby. My medium is basically oil, with a strong appreciation for watercolor and acrylics.

My favorite artists, beside my local friends, are Daniel Gerhartz, Mike Malm, Robert Griffing and Howard Terpning. Art is an always growing experience. Lately, I have studied with Bill Scheidt at the Highland House Gallery.

Barta Busby
Born in San Antonio in 1941, I attended Edison High School and then Texas State University. I graduated from the University of Texas Dental School, and served in the United States Air Force.

Along the way, it was my good fortune to marry my college sweetheart, Barta Gilcrease (see photo). We have three grown daughters (no dentists), seven grandchildren and one great grandson - so far.